About Teso-South Constituency

Teso South constituency is an electoral constituency within Busia county in Western Kenya. The constituency borders Nambale constituency to the East, Matayos constituency to the south, Teso North constituency to the North and republic of Uganda to the west. It has six administrative wards namely;
• Amukura central ward
• Amukura East ward
• Amukura West ward
• Chakol North ward
• Chakol South ward
• Angorom ward
The member of parliament for Teso South constituency is Hon. Geoffrey Omuse.

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Termination of the contractor Date Posted: 07, Jan, 2022

Termination of the contractor

Kotur primary school termination of the contractor (Nawa Ventures Limited) termination notice dated 25th November 2021. Due to failure by the contractor to proceed with the works.

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Project monitoring
Project monitoring

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